Dov'  è la piccola perla del golfo?  una cartina per trovarci

Un come eravamo foto storiche e notizie sulla citta'

Le immagini contenute nel sito per vedere ..........

Il nostro mare numerose volte bandiera blu europea,  il mare caldo delle balene

gli itinerari per passeggiate nel verde, nella storia nella tranquillita'

Una piccola cartina interattiva per .........

L'ospitalita' internazionale lunga tradizione riportata nel nome......

Gli appuntamenti   del'anno

gli sport che si praticano a Ospedaletti, bici, parapendio.........






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cartina della citta


Located in a delightful natural amphitheatre between Capo Nero and Capo Sant'Ampelio, well sheltered from the north wind, is an oasis of uncommon beauty only five kilometres from Sanremo. The luxuriant subtropical vegetation together with a moderate and discreet urban growth, make Ospedaletti, favoured by an exceptionally mild and uniform climate, the undisputed jewel of the Flower Riviera. The old village (a few fishermen houses, a little church dedicated to St. John the Baptist and, annexed to it, a simple shelter to give accommodation to pilgrims and way farers-hence the name of the village), was founded by the legendary Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem, later Knights of Rhodes and then Knights of Malta and is all built on the seashore. The new part of the town with its villas, its hotels, suitable to all kinds of tourist demand, its holidays apartments, its welcoming bars and restaurants, is set among palm groves, eucalyptus, mimosas and gardens in bloom. Once patronized by the international high society, both the aristocracy of central Europe and the elite of world culture (Villa Sultana was the first gambling casino in Italy; already open in 1886, it was closed in 1924), today's Ospedaletti is the favourite haven of those refined persons, who look for a peaceful, healthy environment, which combines relax and entertainment, to be found in the many bars and night clubs or at the sports facilities of the towns (tennis courts, swimming pools, gyms, bowling greens). Frequent and convenient bus and Trolley-bus connections with Bordighera and Ventimiglia; with Sanremo and the rest of the Flowers Riviera.
Hotels of all classes, from the hotel with swimming pool to the family " pensione ", all of which assure good entertainment. Large beaches with perfectly equipped bathing establishments and free beaches with life guards and all essential facilities.


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